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Amira Aya N.V. is a family of diamantaires, carrying down self-acquired expertise over three generations. We are a forward thinking diamond trader & manufacturer specialising in gem-quality and fancy coloured diamonds.

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A global player with local knowledge.

We source exceptional gem-quality diamonds from all over the world and manufacture them in Antwerp: the heart of the diamond industry. Our partners are situated in prominent trading hubs such as Johannesburg, Dubai, and Tel Aviv. This allows us to fulfil global demands with flexibility and resilience. 

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Our gemstones are sourced from conflict-free regions such as Botswana and South Africa which strictly adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. We also regularly participate in diamond tenders hosted in Antwerp. This gives us access to diamond supplies from Australia, Canada, Lesotho and Tanzania.

Land excavation and rock processing near Orange River


The planning process entails a detailed study of the rough diamond's 4C's. Using 3D technology*, we consider every possible outcome that the rough diamond can yield. Once the study is finalised, we then take the first step in transforming the rough diamond into a gemstone with the highest possible value and marketability.

*Sarine & Helium Technology.

Examining tension in a 29ct clivage pink diamond


Our assortment process involves categorising our rough diamonds based on size, colour and clarity. During this task, our team allocates certain gemstones that are best fitted for manufacturing. This decision is based on the diamond's exceptional size or colour, and sometimes a combination of both.

Once the diamond undergoes technical planning, we begin the journey of transforming the rough diamond into a polished gem. Rough diamonds which are not selected for manufacturing are assorted into parcels with our remaining stock and sold on the local market.

For more information on our rough diamond inventory, feel free to contact us. (Only licensed businesses).

Mixed collection of fancy yellow and pink rough


We believe in using only the best manufacturers and technology to cut and polish our diamonds. The manufacturers we work with exhibit true passion and care for the diamonds they handle. This way we can ensure that each finished gemstone will meet its upmost potential. All of our polished diamonds are naturally mined and certified by the GIA and HRD laboratories.


For information on our polished diamond inventory, feel free to contact us.

Diamond undergoing pavilion blocking process
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A knack for exquisite rarities.

We specialise in fancy coloured diamonds, a rare and investment worthy market.


Fancy coloured diamonds range from all ends of the colour spectrum. They exhibit colours in several tones and saturations, making no two diamonds of the same colour grade exactly the same. Fancy coloured diamonds can also be found with two or three underlying colours. As a result, it is a market that takes decades of experience to master and one that technology has not yet succeeded to identify proficiently.

Our inherited expertise has allowed us to be known for valuing and sourcing some of the most incredible hues of fancy coloured diamonds. We work with highly skilled manufacturers that bring out the highest saturation and brilliance from our fancy coloured diamonds.


For more information on our fancy coloured diamond inventory, please feel free to contact us.

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We speak fancy.

If you're interested in finding out more about our stock inventories or looking to invest in fancy coloured diamonds, get in touch!
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"Diamonds and Antwerp, it's in our DnA!"
To explore the charter, visit Diamonds and Antwerp.

We are respected members of the Diamond Kring - the world's leading rough diamond bourse.

We are proud financial contributors of the Gemological Institute of America.
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